Exeinfo PE – Executable files’ packer/compressor/compiler detector

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Exeinfo PE is a popular and universal free analyzer & detector to executable files’ packer/compressor/compiler, written in Delphi by A.S.L from Poland. It is capable of detecting 300+ binary data types (non EXE formats and more signatures on Ext_detector.dll) with info about how to open them via some free tool.

Exeinfo PE can help developers (actually they should be reverse engineers) quickly and easily view all kinds of PE information of a program, this includes: whether it’s packed, address of entry point, input/output table, etc., so as to decompile it (i.e., perform reverse engineering/cracking). In addition, Exeinfo PE also allows to extract a variety of resources from a PE file, such as pictures, icons, EXE, package, MSI, SWF, and many others.

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