Galaxy Scraper – Lone striker in the Milky Way galaxy

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Today i will recommend you a very enjoyable but also quite a difficult game – Galaxy Scraper, the game background is in the Milky Way galaxy, and you play a warrior, to challenge monsters in flocks, kick them all into the ‘big mouth’. You must pay attention, don’t fall into the mouth, in that case, little monsters will collectively cheer.

The game operation is very simple, just use W, A, S, D to control the direction, left-click to kick monsters, right-click to jump to dodge enemies.

In short, the game is based on 3D model rendering, so when starting to play you may feel a little dizzy, but fortunately, it is not difficult, and you will soon be able to play it with ease!

The playing process is so enjoyable that Galaxy Scraper can be regarded as a good game for venting!



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