[v1.90] Gens32 Surreal – Best SEGA Genesis/MD emulator for Windows

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Gens32 Surreal is the advanced edition of the classic Gens emulator for the 16-bit  video game consoles SEGA Genesis, Mega-Drive (MD), Sega-CD, Mega-CD and 32X systems, based on Gens emulator but added lots of features.

That’s to say, for PC users, we can play the Genesis ROMs (*.smd/*.bin/*.gen/*.zip/*.7z/*.zsg), 32X ROMs (*.32x/*.zip) and Sega CD Images (*.iso/*.bin/*.raw) in one Gens32 Surreal SEGA universal emulator with ease.

Indeed there are 4 editions available for Gens32: 1.x, 2.x, Surreal and Ray, and the latest, active and better version is Surreal now, which has powerful sound and very high compatibility all kinds of SEGA consoles, especially for the hacked ROMs and Chinese ROMs.

// Main Technical Features //

  • LDU System – Translate a game in a few hours or add wonderful force feedback to them.
  • Caption System – Add captions to games very easily, like the captions in DVD.
  • AT32 hack – Add MP3s as game’s BGM (background music).
  • Virtual Space Controller – Turn your chair into a Motorcycle.
  • Built-in Kaillera Client – Enables emulators to play on the Internet.
  • Rom Explorer – Allows a real-time ROM preview

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Version Status Download Size
v1.90 Std 1.43 MB
v1.86 HD 1.48 MB

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