GiMeSpace Desktop Extender – Infinitely extend desktop in horizontal direction

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GiMeSpace Desktop Extender is a free virtual desktop/window manager. It serves to extend our fixed desktop size indefinitely in the horizontal direction, in order to give us enough additional space.

Compared with the beautiful 360desktop, GiMeSpace Desktop Extender is more simple, practical and effective, it does a much better job for what we need – some more desktop space (just like you would have many monitors next to each other).

When you move the mouse to the left or right you will see that the horizontal scrolling is smooth, seamless and limitless (make windows bigger then your physical screen)! In addition, because there is no size limitation to desktop and window, GiMeSpace Desktop Extender is easier to use and more flexible.

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// Edition Statement //

This is the GiMeSpace Desktop Extender v1.2.1 Freeware Edition from official. About the 3D edition which allows to navigate seamless in 3 directions: left-right, up-down and zoom in-out, I think that’s too much for our desktop space using, it makes messy than ordered.

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