[v1.2.120] GlassWire – Visual and cool network monitor & firewall

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AppNee figured out that only very few people like or are used to use firewall, whether it’s the one Windows built-in or from a variety of antivirus software. As a security software, GlassWire abandoned the tedious UI and operation in traditional security, monitoring software, instead, it visualized all the normal and useful operation – which is just the easiest to be accepted by non advanced users.

The Achilles’ heel of most traditional security/monitoring software is that they make users feel confused and headaches for all kinds of parameters and rules settings, as well as their stuffy UI. While GlassWire‘s way of victory lies in this – simple and acceptable (even lovely) UI + visual and interactive operation let users feel familiar. So, GlassWire’s idea is – simplify and visualize as much multifarious security information display and program setting of traditional security software as possible.

All in all, you will feel shine at the moment of first sight of GlassWire, even therefrom you begin to pay close attention to various security issues. Only this, we can keep an eye on our computers in order to make sure they are safe enough on today’s Internet filled with the increasingly rampant threats and malicious programs.

// Key Features //

  • Network Security Monitoring with Visualization
  • Network Traffic & Application Monitor
  • Idle Time Network Monitor
  • Network Time Machine
  • Discreet Alerts
  • Detailed Bandwidth Usage Monitor
  • Host IP Auto-Reverse-Lookup & Country Information
  • Remote Server Monitoring
  • Internet Privacy and Security Monitoring & Protection
  • Ask to connect
  • Lock down mode
  • Mini graph
  • Webcam/Mic detection
  • Who’s on your WiFi or Network?
  • New Skins
  • Longer graph history
  • Multiple server monitoring
  • Built-in free firewall
  • ….

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you the GlassWire BASIC/PRO/ELITE Edition multilingual full installers, unlocked files (GlassWire Elite.exe, winmm.dll, version.dll) & unlock patch for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit (the Firewall’s full feature has been unlocked successfully now).

// Installation Notes //

for GlassWire v1.2.118+:

  1. Download and install GlassWire, do not run it
  2. Copy the unlocked file ‘winmm.dll‘ to installation directory
  3. That’s all

for GlassWire v1.2.88+:

  1. Download and install GlassWire official setup, do not run
  2. Copy the unlocked files (GlassWire Elite.exe, version.dll) to GlassWire’s installation directory
  3. Make a shortcut for ‘GlassWire Elite.exe’ and use it instead
  4. Done, enjoy!

for GlassWire v1.2.74 and lower:

  1. Download and install GlassWire
  2. Exit GlassWire
  3. Copy the unlocked DLL file ‘winmm.dll‘ to GlassWire’s installation directory (or apply the unlock patch to locate the ‘GlassWire.exe’ file)
  4. Done, enjoy!

// Prompts //

GlassWire is a network monitor & security tool for use in conjunction with Windows Firewall, that means your Windows Firewall and Windows Event Viewer must be enabled for firewall functionality.

// Warning //

The unlocked files (GlassWire Elite.exe and version.dll) may be falsely reported as Threat: Win32:Malware-gen or Trojan-gen with high severity by few antivirus software, including Avast, Symantec. This is the virus scan report for ‘GlassWire Elite.exe’ file!

// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
BASIC/PRO/ELITE Edition v1.2.57 21.3 MB
ELITE Edition v1.2.88 29.7 MB
v1.2.74 29.4 MB
v1.2.73 29.4 MB
v1.2.64 29.2 MB
v1.2.100 29.5 MB
v1.2.109 31.6 MB
v1.2.118 29.2 MB
v1.2.120 29.3 MB