[v10.3.1] GoodSync – #1 cross-platform file/folder sync utility

GoodSync is a very famous, simple but user-friendly and reliable automatic file/folder backup/sync utility. It can quickly and automatically analyze, compare and then sync or backup your files/folders among a variety of local or online storage spaces on multiple devices or platforms.

Through the use of innovative synchronization algorithm, GoodSync has become a leader in the industry. In GoodSync, data synchronization is absolutely not just a simple copy, but compares the content of synchronizing files first (to filter out the duplicate files) to reduce unnecessary work and save time. Therefore, GoodSync’s sync/backup work is more efficient and reliable, and won’t produce excess files (whether it is a two-way or one-way synchronization). It just can completely eliminate redundant files.

If you already know FreeFileSync is the best free and open source file/folder sync tool, then you should know GoodSync is the best commercial one. If want to let AppNee give a ranking list about the currently most well-known sync utilities, it would be like this: GoodSync (commercial) -> FreeFileSync (free) -> SyncToy (free) -> Allway Sync (commercial) -> Compare Advance (commercial).

// Key Features //

  • Basics
    • True Bi-Directional Synchronization
    • One-Way Synchronization Provides an Easy Backup Solution
    • Deletions Are Propagated — Or Not
    • User-Initiated and Real-Time Sync
    • Block-Level Delta Copy
    • File and Folder Move/Rename Detection
    • Parallel Threads
    • Verify File Copying by MD5
    • Selective Syncing: Exclude and Include Filters
  • Sync Destinations
    • Local Machine and Network Folders
    • P2P between two computers via GoodSync Connect
    • Cloud Server Folders
    • Encryption/Compression Adapters
  • Sync Algorithm
    • No File Monitoring Is Required
    • File Monitoring Is Used in Real-Time Sync
    • Lightning Fast Speed, Low Memory Requirement
    • Chained Synchronization for Multiple Devices
    • Embedded Jobs Handled
    • Time Shifts Are Detected And Fixed
    • File Mod Time Translation For Non-Preserving File Systems
  • Copying Files
    • Encrypt Files At-Rest
    • Encrypt Files In Transit
    • Compression in NTFS
    • Copy Locked Files
    • Copy Symbolic Links or Drill Down
    • Copy Attributes and ACL (Access Control List, Owner)
    • Copy Extended Attributes
    • Fixing Access Denied Errors
    • Unix Diff Integrated
  • User Interface
    • Visual Comparison of Folder Trees Made Easy
    • Slice It and Dice It With Tree Views
    • Job List Pane as Main Control Panel
    • Select Multiple Folders to Sync
    • Select Individual Files to Sync
    • Bookmarks make it easier to get to password-protected servers
  • Automation
    • Sync When Files Change (Real-Time Sync)
    • Sync When Folder Is Connected
    • Sync On Timer
    • Sync On Schedule
    • Sync When GoodSync Starts
    • Sync When Windows Logs Off
    • Logs of Actions and Changes Report
    • E-Mail Log of Automatic Sync
    • Speed Limit for File Copy
    • Runner Service
  • Reliability and Robustness
    • Automatic Reconnect for Remote Folders
    • Portable Paths for Removable Drives
    • Recycle Bin for Deleted/Replaced Files
    • Free Space Required Predicted
    • 64-bit version, not just 32-bit
    • HTTP/SSL Network Layer
  • Fast and Reliable Servers
    • GSTP server
    • HTML server
    • Custom servers
  • Localization
    • User Interface Localization
    • Non-latin characters in file and folder names transfer well to servers

// Supported Sync Platforms //

  • Between two computers
  • Among GoodSync Connect users
  • Windows shared data
  • Remote FTP Server
  • WebDAV
  • Amazon S3
  • SFTP (SSH)
  • Google Drive (Docs)
  • Amazon Cloud Drive
  • OneDrive by MS
  • OneDrive Pro (Sharepoint) by MS
  • SkyDrive by MS
  • Office365 by MS
  • WinMobile
  • Windows Azure by MS
  • Dropbox

// License Type //

Enjoy all of GoodSync’s features with limitations on the numbers of jobs and sync-able files after the first 30 days. Limitless jobs and syncs, with multiple licenses in one: Pro V9, V10/ENTERPRISE/SERVER/Command-Line.

*** PAID LICENSE means you’ll be able to enjoy unlimited backup/sync jobs, unlimited number of files for each job.

// Edition Statement //

Here, AppNee provides you with the latest portable full registered versions of GoodSync (GoodSync2Go) V9, V10 Pro/Enterprise/Server Editions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Warning //

  • GoodSync stores the saved/backup files in a hidden folder with name ‘_gsdata_‘ under the source or destination directory.
  • AppNee advises that you’d better uncheck the “Propagate Deletions” option, or you will probably lose your important files.
  • Since version 10.3.1 and 9.9.81, GoodSync has started to use a new field format for Job and Group lists backup/export file, which is not compatible with any lower versions (this may be a mistake made by its official, but you should treat it with caution).

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// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Version 10 new
v10.3.1 64-bit 27.1 MB
v10.2.6 64-bit 26.9 MB
v10.2.0 reported as virus – removed 12.2 MB | 27.1 MB
v10.1.0 32-bit | 64-bit 11.0 MB | 25.1 MB
v10.0.27 32-bit | 64-bit 11.2 MB | 25.4 MB
v10.0.11 32-bit | 64-bit 11.5 MB | 25.4 MB
v10.0.10 32-bit | 64-bit 10.7 MB | 28.8 MB
v10.0.8 32-bit | 64-bit 10.5 MB | 24.8 MB
v10.0.5 32-bit | 64-bit 10.1 MB | 22.0 MB
v10.0.2 64-bit 23.4 MB
v10.0.1 64-bit 24.6 MB
Version 9 old
v9.9.81 64-bit 23.6 MB
v9.9.61 32-bit | 64-bit 10.7 MB | 25.3 MB
v9.9.50 32-bit | 64-bit 10.6 MB | 34.5 MB
v9.9.30 32-bit 11.3 MB
V10 Latest 32 & 64 N/A
V9 Latest 32 & 64 N/A

*** From 2016/06/06 (06:06), AppNee started to keep making and releasing the portable full registered versions for the latest both GoodSync 32-bit & 64-bit editions (the official has not release its 64-bit portable edition until now).


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