Greenfish Icon Editor Pro – Photoshop level free icon maker

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Greenfish Icon Editor Pro (called GIEP or GFIE Pro for short) is a highly regarded free icon maker, very small, no installation required. Although free, there are many functions which only the professional products have, such as effects filter, icon library management.

GIEP is very easy to use, and it is enough to meet the needs of icon design for most users. Of course, the IconWorkshop is also very powerful, but i dare say Greenfish Icon Editor Pro should be the best one for free.

GIEP has a good support to the mainstream picture formats, you can directly edit your favorite patterns, system icons or icons grabbed from some programs in GIEP, and then process them into icon, cursor, animation, etc., or even build your own icon library.

Greenfish Icon Editor Pro supports layer operation similar to Photoshop, which makes the operations more convenient. Besides, there are rich filters to choose from, including color adjustment, sharpen/fuzzy, remove matte, transparency, shadow, halo, cant (Bevel) and so on, which help you instantly create a perfect visual effect. Moreover, GIEP also supports batch format conversions.

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