Gridraw – Real-time UML drawer with automatic layout

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Gridraw – Real-time UML drawer with automatic layout

Gridraw is a simple but efficient UML drawer from Japan. It’s based on spreadsheet and drawing implements, specially designed for software engineers, just in order to facilitate them to draw UML models/diagrams.

Gridraw’s special functions include: support for real-time and automatic layout; all operations can be quickly and efficiently finished through keyboard only. Because of this, engineers can focus on the pattern design of content, rather than the content itself.

Gridraw – Real-time UML drawer with automatic layout

// Key Features //

  • A drawing system based on the cell system
  • Vim-like key bindings
  • Mouse operability
  • Native application
  • Class and Sequence diagrams support
  • No more breakdown of your layout
  • Simple structure
  • PNG image output

// Free Licenses Pack //

Can use both Class and Sequence diagram:

  • 968bq9nf
  • 69h1mkjk
  • xy1ldmue

If the non-commercial conditions are met, you can get a license code by your e-mail address only from here.

// Official Demo Video //

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