GS Auto Clicker – Say goodbye to repetitive mouse-click operations

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GS Auto Clicker (formerly AutoClick) is a tiny and free mouse clicker, designed to realize the automatic mouse clicks. If some games or work needs to click the mouse repetitively, then GS Auto Clicker can be used to solve this boring and painful problem.

// Key Features //

  • Automatic click of left, middle and right mouse buttons.
  • Available single-click or double-click
  • Available automation to movements of the mouse on the screen
  • Allows to freeze the mouse pointer in the middle of the screen
  • Customizable mouse clicking times and the duration of automatic clicking
  • Allows to record different coordinates of each mouse click for repeating them accurately

Due to multiple version updates that GS Auto Clicker has experienced, so it has been very mature, stable and comprehensive. Of course, the automatic clicking patterns of GS Auto Clicker are diverse, so it maybe needs you become familiar with it before working perfectly.

In a nutshell, GS Auto Clicker can release your fingers and save your time, increase efficiency. When ready, you just need to press the set hotkey, then it will help you automatically complete your repeating click operations, very cool.

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v2.2 70.8 KB
v3.1.2 557 KB