Head First Android Development, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF, EPUB, AZW3

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Now is the mobile Internet era, mobile applications are more and more popular and important. As the main mobile phone operating system, Android has attracted so many developers to develop applications for Android platform.

If you want to start to learn (as a beginner) and are looking for some excellent tutorials for Android development, AppNee will recommend Head First Android Development to you, which is one of the best Android development tutorials especially for beginners. Illustrated contents as well as interesting learning  process inherited the features of Head First series. And we are sure that you will benefit a lot from this book.

BTW, from AppNee you can get Head First Android Development, 1st Edition & 2nd Edition’s original HD PDF, EPUB and AZW3 from official releases which have been cancelled for a long time.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Getting Started: Diving In
  • Chapter 2 Building Interactive Apps: Apps That Do Something
  • Chapter 3 Multiple Activities and Intents: State Your Intent
  • Chapter 4 The Activity Lifecycle: Being an Activity
  • Chapter 5 The User Interface: Enjoy the View
  • Chapter 6 List Views and Adapters: Getting Organized
  • Chapter 7 Support Libraries and App Bars
  • Chapter 8 Fragments
  • Chapter 9 Fragments for Larger Interfaces
  • Chapter 10 Dynamic Fragments
  • Chapter 11 Design Support Library
  • Chapter 12 Card Views and Recycler Views
  • Chapter 13 Navigation Drawers
  • Chapter 14 SQLite Databases
  • Chapter 15 Basic Cursors
  • Chapter 16 Cursors and Asynctasks
  • Chapter 17 Started Services
  • Chapter 18 Bound Services
  • Appendix A ART: The Android Runtime
  • Appendix B ADB: The Android Debug Bridge
  • Appendix C The Android Emulator
  • Appendix D Leftovers: The Top Ten Things (we didn’t cover)

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