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Head First Excel will revolutionize the way of using information in your daily work and life, improve your spreadsheet skills from junior to senior. You may be able to freely use Excel to do simple list, but when it comes to the function it is likely to confuse you. So I believe you must also want to do some practical work with the data like a true master of Excel.

In Head First Excel, you will learn how to fuse Excel to the every aspect of your working process. From making calculation of a lot of worksheets and performing exploratory analysis according to the pivot table, to optimizing results using the single variable (Goal Seek) to find the result, and showing your conclusions with the beautiful visualization data.

Head First Excel faces to all levels of Excel users (especially suitable for beginners to read). No matter you are a novice or an experienced Excel user who wants to make Excel work better for you, this book will help you organize your information, think of complex data and show, analyze data in detail.

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