Head First Python, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF

Have you ever thought to start to learn Python well just through one book? Head First Python can help you learn Python in a unique way that beyond other grammar manuals.

You will be able to quickly grasp the basic knowledge of Python programming language, and then extend to data persistence, exception handling, web development, SQLite, data processing and Google App Engine. In addition to writing scripts that can automatically perform tasks and programs based on GUI, you will even learn how to write mobile applications for Android and the development skills of complex games.

All these should thank to the strong abilities that Python gives you. Head First Python fuses a comprehensive learning experience which will help you become a true Python programmer.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 The Basics: Getting Started Quickly
  • Chapter 2 List Data: Working With Ordered Data
  • Chapter 3 Structured Data: Working With Structured Data
  • Chapter 4 Code Reuse: Functions & Modules
  • Chapter 5 Building a Webapp: Getting Real
  • Chapter 6 Storing & Manipulating Data: Where To Put Your Data
  • Chapter 7 Using a Database: Putting Python’s DB-API To Use
  • Chapter 8 A Little Bit of Class: Abstracting Behavior and State
  • Chapter 9 The Context Management Protocol: Hooking Into Python’s With Statement
  • Chapter 10 Function Decorators: Wrapping Functions
  • Chapter 11 Exception Handling: What to Do When Things Go Wrong
  • Chapter 12 A Little Bit of Threading: Dealing With Waiting
  • Chapter 13 Advanced Iteration: Looping Like Crazy
  • Appendix Installation: Installing Python
  • Appendix Pythonanywhere: Deploying Your Webapp
  • Appendix Top Ten Things We Didn’t Cover: There’s Always More To Learn
  • Appendix Top Ten Projects Not Covered: Even More Tools, Libraries, And Modules
  • Appendix Getting Involved: The Python Community
  • Appendix Back Cover Content: TOC images

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Version Download Size
First Edition 28.1 MB
Second Edition 87.0 MB


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