Head First Software Development HD PDF download

For knowledge placing emphasis on the theory, only books like the Head First series that focuses on the cognitive science and learning theory can bring us multi-sensory and light learning experience, so as to avoid using too much text to make readers feel drowsy and harvest little just like most textbooks.

When finish reading Head First Software Development, you will learn the real meaning of test-driven development (to avoid invisible software disaster), how to build automation, make the code under version control, perform software refactoring, track the progress of your project and the speed of development and then evaluate, integrate some design patterns into your software system, and so on.

Head First Software Development appears to be funny, but that was carefully designed. The book is full of useful information and interesting, incisive illustrations. No matter how long you have already worked on the software development, this book will give you some basic tools and techniques, which will contribute to a successful project being developed from beginning to end.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Great Software Development: Pleasing your customer
  • Chapter 2 Gathering Requirements: Knowing what the customer wants
  • Chapter 3 Project Planning: Planning for success
  • Chapter 4 User Stories and Tasks: Getting to the real work
  • Chapter 5 Good-Enough Design: Getting it done with great design
  • Chapter 6 Version Control: Defensive development
  • Chapter 6 ½ Building your Code: Insert tab a into slot b…
  • Chapter 7 Testing and Continuous Integration: Things fall apart
  • Chapter 8 Test-Driven Development: Holding your code accountable
  • Chapter 9 Ending an Iteration: It’s all coming together…
  • Chapter 10 The Next Iteration: If it ain’t broke… you still better fix it
  • Chapter 11 Bugs: Squashing bugs like a pro
  • Chapter 12 The Real World: Having a process in life
  • Appendix Leftovers: The top 5 topics (we didn’t cover)
  • Appendix Techniques and Principles: Tools for the experienced software developer

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