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Head First WordPress enables you to learn how to use your URL and templates to customize personal blog, embedded video and audio files, support of multiple authors, and so on. Follow Head First WordPress’s guides to learn all the way to the end, you can have a rich content, fully functional website.

Whether you’re selling business or write your own adventure travel diary, Head First WordPress will teach you a series of practical skills, in order to make the blog become more unique, more easy to attract attention and more powerful. Not only that, but it will also take you to dig deeper into more complex features in WordPress platform.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Intro xix
  • Getting started: WordPress from scratch 1
  • Changing your blog’s look and feel: A question of style 43
  • Content management with WordPress: Beyond the blog 89
  • Users, categories, and tags: Keeping things organized 131
  • Video and plug-ins: Getting things moving 167
  • Podcasting and syndication: Spreading the word 199
  • Securing WordPress: Locking things down 239
  • Making WordPress fast: Time for the passing lane 273
  • Leftovers: The top ten things (we didn’t cover) 311

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