Hobo – Bloody, funny and attractive series of jailbreak action game

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On the game world, if a small game can release its 7th work in a series, it’s enough to see its popularity. In a nutshell, Hobo (developed by Armor Games) is bloody (PG-13), cool, hilarious and attractive!

More valuable is, Hobo is an action (combat) game, which means that the design of action is the most critical thing. Not only did it make it (came with striking and cool combos, skill-upgrading, BOSS and props systems), and also skillfully combined many funny elements. Also, Hobo provides multiple game difficulty modes and password based level selection. All of these make players fondle it admiringly.

AppNee made the whole Hobo series (1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 – each one has a topic that continues the previous work) into portable versions at one go, just for some players like AppNee to collect or enjoy in the offline environment.

// Fan Made Demo Videos //

// Game Controls //

  • Arrow keys – move
  • Double-Tap to run
  • A – punch, pick up and throw objects
  • S – kicks and stuff
  • P – to pause and to see the list of combos
  • Q – to toggle quality
  • Fight to unlock combo skills

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Hobo 1 9.68 MB
Hobo 2 9.85 MB
Hobo 3 10.3 MB
Hobo 4 10.9 MB
Hobo 5 12.6 MB
Hobo 6 11.4 MB
Hobo 7 11.7 MB