[v4.1.1] Home Design 3D – Cross-platform 3D home design app

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There is no doubt that occasional rearrangement of home furnishings or update of furniture can bring our monotonous life a lot of freshness and fun. However, the traditional design method using drawings or large industry software (such as AutoCAD, SketchUp) is obviously too much troublesome. In this case, we need to turn to specialized interior design software for help.

Home Design 3D is an auxiliary application of interior design from France. It’s simple, fast, intuitive and cross-platform, with which we can easily design, build or decorate the house sleeping in our dream. Home Design 3D uses the revolutionary real-time 3D technology, user-friendly operation interface, high-definition graphics and texture, as well as high level of details and lighting. In addition, it provides both 2D perspective (where you can see more content) + 3D perspective (in which it can show the house we designed more realistically).

In conclusion, with help of Home Design 3D, you can design your new home or renovate the old house with ease now, to the fullest.

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Home Design 3D Gold/FREEMIUM Edition full registered/paid versions for Mac OS X, iOS and Android (APK + OBB).

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License For Version Download Size
Home Design 3D Mac OS X v4.0.7 82.4 MB
v4.0.5 reserved n/a
v4.0.4 reserved n/a
v4.1.1 105 MB
Home Design 3D iOS v4.0.5 93.6 MB
Home Design 3D GOLD v2.5.1 181 MB
Home Design 3D FREEMIUM Android v4.0.8 77.6 MB
v4.0.5 reserved n/a
Home Design 3D v1.0.3 185 MB