HONE HONE CLOCK – Personalized human body clock screensaver

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HONE HONE CLOCK (ANA: Double-H Clock) is a special human body style clock screensaver made by SoulCourier based on the Chabudai‘s Flash source file, which replaces the numbers displayed as the clown different body posture.

Because there is only one direction, when it comes to “00” second from “59” seconds, or when the attraction is at “00”~”24″ hours, the animation effect forms among the numbers 1, 2, 3 … 9, 0.

HONE HONE CLOCK has black and white background styles, and i had made them into screensavers separately for you, so just make a choice to download!

// Edition Statement //

  • Transparent background edition (Recommend light white background)
  • White background edition (Recommend dark black background)

// Tips //

By touching with your mouse, the hour, minute and second numbers can be zoomed in.

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Edition Download Size
Transparent background 549 KB
White background 612 KB