[v6.20.10] Hotspot Shield VPN Elite – Most popular and trusted VPN tool

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Hotspot Shield (short for HSS) is a powerful, acclaimed free VPN (Virtual Private Network) agents automatic searching tool. It’s mainly designed to effectively protect personal web surfing security and privacy; as well as breaking through the local network limits to access those blocked, censorship websites (like YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, or even Gmail) in some countries.

For many users who have been troubled with accessing popular oversea websites; trapped in the internal websites visiting restriction in company; or for users who want to bypass the user-specific IP banning from some websites, etc. For these conditions, Hotspot Shield Elite can be regarded as one of the best solutions.

Besides, it’s not only faster, but also has a stronger stability, and more important is Hotspot Shield is also one of the rare and excellent free VPN software you can find throughout the Internet.

// Key Features //

With Hotspot Shield VPN Elite, besides all features of the Free Edition VPN you will gain much more:

  • Ad-free browsing experience
  • Encrypted and private communication
  • Secure gateway to access censored and blocked sites
  • Masked IP address for anonymity
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Complete cloud-based malware protection
  • Virtual Locations in many countries
  • Elite premium servers
  • Multiple devices support
  • ….

// Main Usage //

// Edition Statement //

Below you can get the Hotspot Shield VPN Elite Premium Edition’s (without any ad-ware or limitation) official multilingual full installers, update files and unlock patches for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

Step 1:

You can skip this step sometimes.

  1. Open your Hosts file in “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc” with notepad (or use the ‘Block Hosts.bat‘ instead)
  2. Add the following lines, then save and exit:
    • anchorfree.net
    • rss2search.com
    • techbrowsing.com
    • box.anchorfree.net
    • www.mefeedia.com
    • www.anchorfree.net
    • www.mefeedia.com
    • anchorfree.us
    • a433.com
    • anchorfree.net
    • rpt.anchorfree.net
    • delivery.anchorfree.us/land.php
    • hsselite.com
    • www.hsselite.com
    • www.hsselite.com/trial/step2.php
    • techbrowsing.com/away.php
    • techbrowsing.com/away.php
Step 2 (always take the newer version for example):

First of all, uninstall any previous versions completely using Total Uninstall.

  1. [ Setup ] Install ‘HSS-6.0.4-install-plain-714-plain.exe‘ and you’d better exit the program completely (go to Task Manager and use “End process tree” to end all Hotspot Shield related processes – right click on ‘HSSCP.exe‘), but not necessary always
  2. [Update] Run the update package file ‘HSS-6.20.10-nodrv-update‘ as administrator
  3. Wait for Hotspot Shield updated version to launch, then exit it completely again
  4. [ Patch ] Run the unlock patch ‘Hss_Elite.exe‘ as administrator and apply (it might be falsely reported as PUP: Win32:PUP-gen [PUP] threat with low-security)
  5. All done, enjoy!

*** If you get an error while opening the program, just click “FIX IT NOW”.

*** Just ignore any trial message or something similar, your status is still elite.

// Prompts //

BTW, Hotspot Shield VPN has been totally blocked in many countries, like China. That’s to say, it will never work on your side.

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// Download URLs //

License Version Download Size
Elite Premium Edition v6.20.10 26.1 MB
v5.20.22 20.2 MB
v5.20.20 21.6 MB
v5.20.15 24.5 MB

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