[v10.4.28] iMacros – Instant browser automation, web testing and data extraction

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iMacros, is referred to as IMS in the industry. As its name suggests, this is one tool related to the automation with macros. Initially, it was released as an add-on of Firefox, used to record the operation on a web page, so as to perform circular tasks in batch. But later, in the wake of increasing number of users, it got continuous updating, following more and more perfect functions. Today, it has become a very famous SEO edge tool.

Therefore, for webmasters, or professional SEOers, iMacros’s built-in powerful components and abundant functions enable both SEO beginners and masters who have a profound understanding to SEO tools to achieve their purposes. Its use is more flexible, not only can it automatically register all kinds of English SEO websites, but also allows to record actions or write a script for many web page operations, such as log in these platforms, automatically publish information, etc. Some guys even like to use iMacros to gather information on the Internet or make group of websites!

On the other side, for an ordinary Internet user, if you are tired of all sorts of repetitive tasks in web browsers, such accessing the same website every day, filling out various similar web forms, memorizing login passwords, downloading information from websites, etc., then, iMacros can become your efficient solution too!

// Key Features //

Main Detail
  • Manual iMacro Playback
  • Playback Unencrypted Macros
  • Playback Encrypted Macros
  • Standalone iMacros browser included
  • Unlimited-user Player license
  • iMacros Playback via API
  • Create Custom Passwords for Encrypted Macros
Scripting / Recording
  • Macro Recording
  • Macro Editing (Unencrypted Macros)
  • Macro Editing (Encrypted Macros)
  • Internet Explorer: Automate via API
  • Firefox: Automate via API
  • Chrome: Automate via API
  • iMacros Browser: Automate via API
  • Password Encryption
  • Popup Manager
  • Support Flash, Silverlight, Java, Flex
  • Image Search / Recognition
  • DirectScreen
Automation & Testing
  • Website Response Time Measurement
  • Use of Variables
  • Command Line Interface
  • Task Scheduling
  • Batch File Support
  • Runs in Background (Tray)
  • Scripting Interface (API)
  • Windows Scripting Host Support (API)
  • MS Office, Excel VBA Scripting
  • MS .NET Support (VB.NET, C#, J#, ASP.NET) (API)
  • API Supports All Scripting/Programming Languages
Data Input
  • Use CSV as input to iMacros
  • Read data from text files as input to iMacros
  • Read data from databases (API)
  • Read / Write XML files (API)
Web Page Data Extraction
  • Extract Webpage Data
  • Save data as CSV file
  • Use of iMacros API
Service / Support
  • Expert Technical Support

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee privides you the iMacros Enterprise Edition full installer, unlocked DLL file (iMacros.WinUI.Common.dll) and working activation key for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Install iMacros, do not run it
  2. Copy the unlocked DLL file (iMacros.WinUI.Common.dll) to the installation directory and overwrite
  3. If you also chose to install the “iMacros Extension for Internet Explorer“, then copy and overwrite this DLL file to IE’s dir (like: C:\Program Files (x86)\Internet Explorer)
  4. Run iMacros, enter ‘Help/Activate iMacros‘, use the activation key we provide you
  5. Restart iMacros, enjoy!

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