ImageSorter – Visually and automatically sort masses of images

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ImageSorter is the world’s first image viewer application which can classify images automatically. Its purpose is to help you find the images that you forget which folder you put but remember what they look like. If you choose multiple folders, the images inside these folders will be arranged in accordance with the visual relationship, i.e. similar pictures will arranged together. In this kind of display mode, looking for a designated image will become much more easier. The selected images can be copied, moved or deleted (in the right-click menu).

ImageSorter isn’t using the image content search method, but takes the way of “automatic sorting” to a great number of images. Current version of ImageSorter, sorts images according to the similarity of color layout, future versions will support additional sorting standards. All images in a folder will be sorted in this way, similar images will be in similar positions. This means finding a certain one in a lot of images is much easier now.

Of course, ImageSorter can’t understand or identify the image content itself, and is unable to distinguish different characters or landscape in the picture. However, this software does not need to search image content, due to its very good organization on the vision, it has a very easy navigation, just these factors make ImageSorter very suitable for showing large gallery which has as many as thousands of images.

// Key Features //

  • Find images much faster (only need you know what they look like)
  • Get an overview of all your images
  • Manage (find, open, copy) images without keywords fast
  • Find similar images from your computer or the Internet visually

// Prompts //

ImageSorter caches the thumbnails and image arrangement orders, so it is a bit slow when loading images; However, when images are loaded, all operations will become much faster.

// Note //

ImageSorter and visolu are projects that intended to provide visual image search capabilities to end users. The software is available for free, but is no longer supported. In most cases, nevertheless, the programs work stable and you may use them as is.

// Download URLs // (v4.3 Final | Homepage) (v4.2 Final)