IP Messenger (IPMSG) – Super fast LAN communication applet

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IP Messenger is a widespread cross-platform LAN instant communication software; based on TCP/IP (UDP) protocol; no need the server system.

Moreover, it supports a very fast files and folders transmission, with only compact size and simple operation, and totally free. Compared with the Windows built-in file sharing system, IPMSG is almost perfect!

Based on the above characteristics, it is not hard to find that, IP Messenger is really suitable for the real-time communication and files sharing in the LAN or even WAN.

// Key Features //

  • Serverless message communication
  • Fast file/folder transfer
  • Image embeded message, desktop (area specified) capture
  • Message encrytion(RSA2048bit + AES256bit) and sign/verify (PKCS#1-v1_5)

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for Windows Fast Link Page (Homepage)

for Mac Fast Link Page