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As a network or website administrator, most often we need know everything quite well about the LAN or even WAN our hosts lying in. For example: the name of each computer in local network, network card address, IP address, shared resource, open ports; look up WHOIS information such as domain name, host provider, DNS… about some website in detail. For these, IP-Tools can become a good assistant for our network/Internet management.

IP-Tools is an AIO type of toolbox integrating multipurpose network/Internet utilities. It has built-in 19 tools now, all of which are frequently used by network administrators or webmasters. Its key characteristic is – it can support multitasking, which means that these tools allow to be performed at the same time, without having to waste time waiting for a certain task completed. Besides, all information can be stored/exported as text or HTML format file, such as to be used for a reference or query in the future.

Tool Intro
Local Info examines the local host and shows info about processor, memory, Winsock data, etc
Connection Monitor displays information about current TCP and UDP network connections
NetBIOS Info gets NetBIOS information about network interfaces (local and remote computers)
NB Scanner shared resources scanner
SNMP Scanner scans network(s) for SNMP enabled devices
Name Scanner scans all hostnames within a range of IP addresses
Port Scanner scans network(s) for active TCP based services
UDP Scanner scans network(s) for active UDP based services
Ping Scanner pings a remote hosts over the network
Trace traces the route to a remote host over the network
WhoIs obtains information about a Internet host or domain name from the NIC (Network Information Center)
Finger retrieves information about user from a remote host
LookUp looks for domain names according to its IP address or an IP address from its domain name
GetTime gets time from time servers (also it can set correct time on local system)
Telnet telnet client
HTTP HTTP client
IP-Monitor shows network traffic in real time (as a set of charts)
Host Monitor monitors up/down status of selected hosts.
Trap Watcher allows you to receive and process SNMP Trap messages.

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