Isoball – Lead fragile ball into the hole

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Isoball is an interesting and challenging strategy type series of puzzle games. Your goal is to construct an orbit using all kinds of functional props with clever arrangement, and then lead the fragile ball into the hole in some designated location.

This game has its 4th work (Isoball X, AKA: Isoball 4) released by Not Doppler and CandyFlame; Isoball 1 was released only by CandyFlame; and Isoball 2 & 3 were co-presented by CandyFlame and Gimme5games.

The 3rd work of Isoball has brand new levels and challenges, as well as a new functional module. Isoball 3 made the hottest time for the whole series. Relatively speaking, Isoball 4 did not come out with new elements, but it became much more difficult, which also further enhanced the gaming quality (playability and challenge).

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Version Download Size
Isoball 1 5.34 MB
Isoball 2 9.14 MB
Isoball 3 6.11 MB
Isoball X 9.79 MB