Java Decompiler – Fast access, browse source code of Java .class file

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Decompiler and disassembler are essential tools for any sharp-sighted programmers. No matter which programming languages, they have their corresponding decompilers. For compiled Java binary class file, there are two excellent decompilers: they are freeware Java Decompiler and commercial software DJ Java Decompiler (AppNee will release its related resources later).

Java Decompiler (Jad for short) is a free, cross-platform and open-source Java source code decompiler that supports all versions of Java. It was published as standalone app (JD-GUI) and plugin (JD-Eclipse, JD-IntelliJ) at the same time. With its help, we can make fast access to methods and fields inside a Java class file by reconstructing its source code.

Because written in C++, Java Decompiler has very fast decompiling and display speed. It supports compiling to a single class file, or a whole JAR file, and allows to jump directly in the source code by clicking class name, method name or variable name. BTW, Java Decompiler does not require the support of Java runtime environment. That’s to say, before using this software, there is no trouble of configuring the Java environment.

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