JDarkRoom – Cross-platform, full-screen text editor

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I don’t know whether you have ever used a DOS system? If so, then you must be impressed by its black screen, although not beautiful, yet there is one advantage, that’s you can only do what you should do in this black screen.

Now the functions of computer are increasing, but this actually makes it difficult for people to get down to work, so someone made this text editor JDarkRoom, which has a interface similar to the DOS. We can call it “concentration editor”, i.e. a editor which lets you edit or create intently.

JDarkRoom is a free, cross-platform (based on Java) and full-screen text editor, it helps you edit or create heart and soul. The reason is quite simple, when you run it, it will make your computer screen into a “black paper”, what you can do is just wholehearted creation, and won’t be disturbed by other factors. If you are a editor or writer who needs to get down to write, then you are certain to like it.

I once mentioned Q10, which is also a full-screen text editor under Windows. The biggest selling point of this kind of tools is the full-screen editing environment, along with the further maturity of personal desktop environment, as well as the development of multimedia technology and the popularity of Internet, users’ desktop is becoming richer and richer, many people begin to yearn for the clean screen of CLI (Command-line interface) age. As a result, the full-screen text editor was born at the right moment, they really can make people concentrate on work, such as programming and writing.

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