[AIR] Jigsawlite – Make and play your own jigsaw puzzle game

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Jigsawlite is a simple, featured and easy-to-use jigsaw puzzle game making tool, which is developed based on the Adobe AIR platform, hence supports Windows, Linux and Max OS X.

Jigsawlite allows you to easily use image files (including our digital photos) in a variety of formats to create your own jigsaw puzzle game. To some extent, we can think of it as an image-to-jigsaw converter. All what you need to do is only to drag any image file your want to make it into a jigsaw to the main window of Jigsawlite, and then you can begin your own jigsaw puzzle game right now.

// Supported Image Formats //

  • jpeg / jpe / jpg / png / gif

// System Requirements //

// Download URLs //