[v9.56] Keil C51 – C51 microcontrollers development edge tool

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Keil C51 is an easy-to-learn and easy-to-use C language Single Chip Microcomputer (SCM) programming software (IDE) for all 8051 Microcontroller devices. It is suitable for each level of developers, whether he is a professional application engineer, or a student who just started to study the embedded software development.

As an efficient and complete C language application developing system that is compatible with 8051 series of microcontrollers, Keil C51 supports the mixed programming of C programming + assembly programming, and has a powerful built-in software & hardware simulation debugger and plenty of function libraries. It integrates all these parts together through an integrated development environment (µVision/uVision).

Compared with assembly, C language has obvious advantages on the functionality, designability, readability and maintainability. Developers who have used the assembly can get more profound experience when they start to use C language to develop. Especially, the efficiency of target code generated by Keil C51 is so high that the assembly code generated by most statements is pretty compact and easy to understand. For this, in the development of large single chip microcomputer system, its powerful advantages can be reflected more clearly.

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AppNee provides the Keil C51 portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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