[v4.1.5.8] KMPlayer Portable full versions with malware & adware removed

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KMPlayer (full name “K-Multimedia Player”, KMP for short) is one of the two world’s most popular full-featured audio and video players from South Korea (the other one is GomPlayer). Many users maybe have installed one of them on your computer.

But we also find that KMPlayer has begun to decline. Why? The answers are:

  1. KMPlayer starts to secretly open multiple background processes to download and install several malicious software automatically – even if you have refused
  2. KMPlayer will change the homepage and default search engine of web browsers (especially for IE), without any permission or prompt
  3. KMPlayer changes many file associations that have nothing to do with any playing function maliciously and forcibly.

AppNee thinks that any change that gives interference to user habits and experience would be unwise, and only hopes KMPlayer would not ruin itself some day!

So, when haven’t finished the very long secret download and installation of official setup file, I have determined to uninstall KMPlayer as well as all its force-installed malware on my PC. As a consequence of this, I realized that it was time to make and share the KMPlayer Portable Full version which is completely based on the official installation package, with all malware and adware removed.

// Edition Statement //

Below you can get the KMPlayer multilingual portable full versions for Windows, without any malware or adware.

// Use Instructions //

  1. Download and extract
  2. For some versions, you need to run the ‘block ads.bat’ as administrator to remove the ads

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v4.1.5.8 36.5 MB
v4.0.8.1 36.0 MB
v3.9.1.129 30.4 MB