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Knights of Valour (KoV for short, AKA: 三国战纪, 三國戰紀, Sangoku Senki) is a very classic and popular multi-player action arcade game series adapted from one of Chinese four great historical novels – Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was first released by International Games System (IGS for short, 鈊象电子) from Taiwan in 1999.

In fact, the whole Knights of Valour series was deeply influenced by CAPCOM‘s Warriors of Fate series and Dungeons & Dragons series (especially derived D&D’s props and upgrade systems). Although prefers to cartoon style, Knights of Valour is obviously better than Warriors of Fate published seven years earlier on animation performance, and is much more complex on gaming system. Again, Knights of Valour not only provides players with many well-known characters in the Three Kingdoms period of China (including many hidden ones) for choice, also comes with a number of different routes of stages, as well as abundant props system. Thus, it did become another classic arcade game work.

Knights of Valour has too many editions, versions and derivatives. This post primarily provides all the official editions of ROM files (as listed bellow) of Knights of Valour along with their working emulators. As to many more unofficial ones, AppNee will release them one after another in every single post.

// Official Released Versions //

  • Knights of Valour V100 (Japanese Board)
  • Knights of Valour V115
  • Knights of Valour V117
  • Knights of Valour PLUS
  • Knights of Valour PLUS ALTA (Japanese Board)
  • Knights of Valour: Super Heroes V102
  • Knights of Valour: Super Heroes V103
  • Knights of Valour: Super Heroes V104
  • Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus
  • Knights of Valour 2 V100
  • Knights of Valour 2 V103
  • Knights of Valour 2 V104
  • Knights of Valour 2 V106
  • Knights of Valour 2 V107
  • Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons V204 (2001)
  • Knights of Valour 2: Nine Dragons V205
  • Knights of Valour 2: New Legend (2008)
New2003Knights of Valour: The Seven Spirits
PS42015Knights of Valour

// Edition Statements //

Since the first version (in 1999), Knights of Valour has published 5 versions. They are V100 (JAPANESE BOARD), V115, V117, V119 and V119ALT. As to the V112 beta version spread on Internet, it does not exist at all, we could not see it on the market at least.

V100 (Japanese Board)The earliest version (Japanese) with the most bugs among all versions
V115This is the second version (meanwhile, it’s the first version published in China). This version fixed a few bugs in V100 version
V117This can be considered as the most perfect version before V119, which is very popular in china. It still has many bugs, but most of which do not affect gaming
V119 (PLUS )This version came with bigger changes and higher difficulty than previous versions after V117. Many players thought this version might be a test version made by IGS for Knights of Valour: Super Heroes, in order to make players adapt to the game mode of Super Heroes. And since Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus, V117 also gradually disappeared

// Download URLs //

Game WorkROM + EmulatorSize
Knights of Valour 1 & 2 (all versions)MAME | Nebula183 MB | 72.6 MB
Knights of Valour 2: New Legendn/a
Knights of Valour: The Seven Spiritsn/a
Knights of Valour 3n/a
Knights of Valour 3 HD

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