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Broken/dead links on a website are a big problem for both visitors (result in bad user experience or misleading) and webmasters (seriously affect the SEO scores). For large sites, to find out all these links manually can be a nightmare.

LinkExaminer is a tiny and fast website links validity checker. By virtue of multi-threaded engine, it can extremely fast step through and extract all links on every page under some domain (even including the links within CSS and JavaScript). After that, In addition to validation of effectiveness, it also analyzes the SEO information for each link, this includes: HTTP Code, HTTP Message, Internal, Robots.txt, NoFollow, Dynamic, Relative, SEO, Title, Depth, In, Out, Content Type, Size, Last Modified, Link Type, Duration, Similarity, etc.

Scanning results can be reviewed and filtered directly or exported as a variety of report formats, like plain Text list, CSV data, XML sitemap data or a detailed HTML report. BTW, there is a similar high-quality website broken links scanning tool, it’s Xenu’s Link Sleuth.

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