Linux Bible, 8th & 9th Editions HD PDF, EPUB, MOBI

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Well, this has been the ninth edition of the Linux Bible series of books published by Wiley Publishing. Naturally, Linux Bible, 9th Edition already has a very good reputation and accumulates a wide range of readers -including Linux professionals and amateurs.

Linux Bible, 9th Edition introduces all aspects of Linux in detail, using 7 Parts, 27 Chapters, 2 Appendixes and Index – a total of 900+ pages. From the basic concept of Linux, basic shell command and graphical user interface, to the latter introduction of Linux programming environment, each part provides the very detailed explanation and instructions of flow for main commands.

A striking feature of Linux Bible, 9th Edition is it arranges many chapters to introduce all the latest popular Linux distributions. At the same time, it finally provides a large number of resources which can help readers to obtain all kinds of knowledge required. Therefore, Linux Bible, 9th Edition can be regarded as a start guide for Linux beginners, and has great reference value for Linux professionals.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Part I: Getting Started 1
  • Part II: Becoming a Linux Power User 63
  • Part III: Becoming a Linux System Administrator 171
  • Part IV: Becoming a Linux Server Administrator 313
  • Part V: Learning Linux Security Techniques 589
  • Part VI: Extending Linux into the Cloud 727
  • Part VII: Appendixes 769
  • Appendix A: Media 771
  • Appendix B: Exercise Answers 781
  • Index 839

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MOBI (mir) 20.4 MB
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