Linux Essentials, 2nd Edition HD PDF

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As an open-source and UNIX-like OS, Linux is so powerful and highly secure that it has been controlling so many IT technology fields of great concern. Therefore, mastering the essential basic knowledge about Linux can make IT professionals scale new heights in work.

As a comprehensive while straightforward guide, Linux Essentials, 2nd Edition can help you master all the foundational knowledge of Linux OS. This includes Linux operating system basics & essentials, Linux properties & principles, Linux OS management, etc. It’s important that, all content are well organized according to different types of tasks. Plus, every chapter provides you with enough exercises and reviews in order to effectively consolidate the knowledge you have learned.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Selecting an Operating System 1
  • Chapter 2 Understanding Software Licensing 21
  • Chapter 3 Investigating Linux’s Principles and Philosophy 35
  • Chapter 4 Using Common Linux Programs 47
  • Chapter 5 Managing Hardware 75
  • Chapter 6 Getting to Know the Command Line 99
  • Chapter 7 Managing Files 127
  • Chapter 8 Searching, Extracting, and Archiving Data 151
  • Chapter 9 Exploring Processes and Process Data 175
  • Chapter 10 Editing Files 193
  • Chapter 11 Creating Scripts 211
  • Chapter 12 Understanding Basic Security 227
  • Chapter 13 Creating Users and Groups 245
  • Chapter 14 Setting Ownership and Permissions 267
  • Chapter 15 Managing Network Connections 285
  • Appendix A Answers to Review Questions 307
  • Appendix B LPI ’s Certification Program 327

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