MAME Plus! – GUI variant edition of MAME with fastest ROM auditing speed

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The official MAME is an application based on all platforms, for Windows it only runs in a classic DOS/CMD window. So this has given rise to many GUI front-end tools and derived editions based on MAME. Although MAME is still the best multi-console arcade machine emulator with the most exuberant vitality in the history of video game machine emulators, what made it is just those many variant editions.

MAME Plus! is neither the MAME+, M+GUI, MAME32 Plus! nor the MAME32 PLUS! PLUS!, just one of so many GUI derived/modified editions for Windows, based on MAME/MAME32 with friendly UI and numerous new added features and enhancements. Most important thing is – MAME Plus! has the fastest game ROM check/audit speed (almost instantly).

Not only runs fast, MAME Plus! also came with amazing, compact file size – 1.2 MB after compression. BTW, MAME Plus!Plus! (formerly called MAME PPK) is actually based on MAME Plus!, developed by a Japanese fan player. What it did is just to implement the netplay feature using Kaillera on the basis of MAME Plus!.

// Tips //

  • Press “F5” to refresh to search and display new added games
  • In game, you can set general button configuration or control settings for a single game via pressing “TAB

// Download URLs //

v0.136MAME Plus! – GUI variant edition of MAME with fastest ROM auditing speed1.20 MB

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