Matrix – Award-winning jewellery designer

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As a matter of fact, Gemvision‘s Matrix is the most popular and advanced CAD/CAM software for jewelry creation in America and around the world, also the only choice for serious jewelry designers.

Matrix was developed completely for the jewelry design & production process, therefore this revolutionary jewelry designing tool has a perfect set of tools and workflows which enable the jeweler to complete their work more effectively, modular interfaces, easy to learn & use and other powerful features. It can make you more easily create perfect design works, thus greatly improve your jewelry development, design process and cost.

In conclusion, Matrix is the first choice for jewelry designers. And in fact, it was/is used by the world’s most famous jewelers and taught at over 55 schools and universities.

// Key Features //

  • Create seductive renders
  • Gain total control of your gems
  • Speed up your creativity with Builders
  • Change the rules of CAD with T-Splines
  • Access common tools with just one key
  • Preview looks help you design and sell
  • Make it all sizzle with enhanced presentations
  • Apply quick and consistent looks with Style Sheets
  • History changes are built into every part
  • Library items make for quick builds
  • Convenient gem ordering and manufacturing from Stuller
  • See weight calculations at any time
  • Turn 2D art into 3D designs

// Official Demo Video //

// Supported OS //

Gemvision Matrix 8.0 only supports 64-bit Windows (higher than Windows XP).

// Edition Statement //

Here you can get the Gemvision Matrix v8.0 full installer, update, and unlocked file for Windows 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Install the main program ‘Matrix80Full_2014-10-03_5500.exe‘ in Setup folder
  2. Then install the ‘Matrix80Update_2014-10-20_5571.exe‘ in Update folder
  3. Copy the ‘Matrix80.exe‘ to your Matrix’s installation direction and overwrite
  4. Done, enjoy!

// Download URLs //

Version OS Download Size
v8.0 64-bit 1.15 GB