Microsoft Windows All Editions official-default Wallpapers collection

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We can download free and beautiful wallpapers everywhere on the Internet, but after frequent changes, I still like the Microsoft’s official/default wallpapers best, feel they are just the most perfect and proper ones. Of course, it could have been only psychological effect on my side.

The problem is, Microsoft official site does not provide its Windows built-in/default wallpapers download (they provide the non default desktop backgrounds and themes download instead). So how could we get them? The only way is to extract them from the Windows system. Anyway, I had planned to collect and sort out all the default wallpapers from all versions of Windows a long time ago, in order to provide some convenience for guys who have the same needs with me to download.

The following is a list containing almost all the official default desktop wallpapers extracted from Microsoft Windows (including unpublished system), just untouched without any compression or watermark (some need further complement or perfection some time later though).

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Edition Count Resolution Download Size
Windows NT 4.0 65 p Tiles only 1.54 MB
Windows 95 6 p 640*480 1.55 MB
Windows 98/SE 26 p 9999*5624 5.26 MB
Windows 2000 20 p 800*600 1.52 MB
Windows ME 20 p 800*600 2.08 MB
Windows XP/MCE 12 p 4510*3627 6.89 MB
Windows Server 2003 3 p 800*600 223 KB
Windows Vista/Longhorn 228 p 3504*2256 346 MB
Windows 7 31 p 1920*1200 38.5 MB
Windows Server 2008/R2 3 p 1024*768 364 KB
Windows 8
Windows Server 2012/R2
Windows 8.1 20 p 1920*1200 8.33 MB
Windows 9 19 p 1920*1080 3.33 MB
Windows 10 179 p 3840*2160 233 MB
Windows 10 Mobile Phone 115 p 1080*1920 184 MB
Windows 10 RedStone ? ? 2016 (NT 10.2) ?

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