Minesweeper 3D: The New Generation – 3D edition of classic mine-sweeper game

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Minesweeper 3D: The New Generation is a quite exquisite minesweeping game in three dimensional space. The gameplay is similar to Windows XP built-in classic Minesweeper, but you will enjoy the new visual gaming experience and operation mode (need to use the mouse and keyboard to control at the same time).

In addition to the classic minesweeping task, Minesweeper 3D: The New Generation also attaches some rewards and interesting little games, as well as abundant levels and props making the game has more playability. Besides, the fresh and sweet music can make wonderful adventures into this minesweeping game. Obviously the difficulty of this game also increases (and each level has a time limit), but it’s quite easy to get start.

// Key Features //

  • Classic in a new dimension
  • Bonuses and fun mini-games
  • Stereo – put your 3D-glasses on
  • Good music and beautiful graphics

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