MP3 CoverTag – Update, download all MP3 cover images with one-click

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If you found using Mp3tag or Creevity Mp3 Cover Downloader to update the album cover one by one is troublesome and inefficient (for anyone who likes music, storing hundreds or thousands of MP3 songs in his computer is a very normal thing). In this case, just use MP3 CoverTag instead.

MP3 CoverTag supports the automatic search and download for MP3 file’s cover image in the same way (by matching the songs’ ID3 Tag info). But the difference is, it is much easier and faster to update all MP3 music’s album art in batch (for dozens of music that can be done in generally about 10 seconds). As an edge tool for automatic MP3 cover searching, downloading and updating, MP3 CoverTag will be the true love for music collectors who always pursue perfection to their favorite things.

Besides, MP3 CoverTag supports for non-English characters better than similar tools, and has very high matching precision for album art of MP3 files.

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