MPC-BE – It is slowly replacing the position of MPC-HC

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With the classic MPC (Media Player Classic) and powerful MPC-HC (Home Cinema), why do we need this MPC-BE (Black Edition) that mainly developed by Russian programmers separated from the MPC-HC team? Reason is, not only is it based on the former two, but also contains additional features and bug fixes.

MPC-BE recompiled and optimized the MPC, improved and beautified the UI to cater to the contemporary aesthetics. At the same time, it has excellent independent audio/video filters with more media formats support and more powerful processing capabilities, which enables it to play almost all the existing media formats.

Finally, you should know a fact – MPC-BE, MPC-HC, KMPlayer or PotPlayer, they are all using the same source code from MPC; and KMPlayer is also the predecessor of PotPlayer. To put it bluntly, they all have the same “father”. Overall, for these internationally known all-powerful media players like KMPlayer, PotPlayer or even MPC-HC that originated from the MPC, MPC-BE already has the absolute advantages to seckill them all.

// System Requirements //

  • DirectX End-User Runtime June 2010 or newer version

// About MPC-HC //

If it were not for the sake of this – MPC-HC has a good pedigree/father, AppNee would have put it into our blacklist. Reason is very simple and direct: any one media player that dare see “double click to exit” such a serious bug as its unique characteristic and has reserved up to now, or even any software that defying the humanized design has no future. Instead, they will finally become a stepping stone of newcomers. In other words, as long as MPC-BE is able to insist and go on, then MPC-HC will soon lose a large number of users.

// Download URLs //

Version 32-bit 64-bit Nightly Builds