MultiHero – Homebrew multi-hero, multi-player fighting game with high difficulty

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MultiHero is an old fan-made, fast-paced 2D multiplayer fighting game developed in 2006. It’s primarily inspired from the classic video game work Super Smash Brothers.

The game scenes, action and props design is not bad, especially you can choose to use many classic characters from a variety of cartoons, games, or movies (such as: Super Mario, Mega Man, Ninja Gaiden, Batman, Battletoads) to fight with each other or make joint combat. Besides, if you don’t want to play the multiplayer VS Mode, the interesting single-player/multi-player Adventure Mode will also attract you. Just one thing, this game is really hard to clear.

// Key Features //

  • Smash Brothers style fighting with 2D graphics
  • Adventure mode with 40 levels
  • Up to four players can play on the same computer
  • It’s completely portable and free
  • Extremely difficult and challenging
  • Controls can be redefined

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Default Controls //

  • W – UP
  • S – DOWN
  • A – LEFT
  • D – RIGHT
  • N – ATTACK
  • M – JUMP
  • J – THROW

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
v0.93 4.79 MB
v0.92 reserved n/a

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