MySQL Cookbook, 2nd & 3rd Editions HD PDF, CHM, EPUB

The author of MySQL Cookbook Paul DuBois is one of the first group of contributors of MySQL online reference manuals, who has written many classic books about MySQL. It is important to note that this book isn’t to teach you how to develop a complete and complex application; on the contrary, it is to help you overcome various problems had stumped you in MySQL database development. Therefore, it is suitable for all related personnels engaged in the development of database technology to read. And it has became one of must-read books for MySQL developers.

For challenges in everyday programming and data manipulation, MySQL Cookbook provides a number of concise, penetrating code snippets and available samples for all levels of users who don’t have much time and energy to solve MySQL problems from beginning. In each section, it expounds how code should work and what the reason is. As you read further, your harvest will be increased.

In a nutshell, MySQL Cookbook should be regarded as a reference book and tutorial that every MySQL developer at each skill level should have one in hand. If you are looking for a complete MySQL reference manual or some help resources to improve your skills, this book is one of the best choices.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Chapter 1 Using the MySQL Client Program
  • Chapter 2 Writing MySQL-Based Programs
  • Chapter 3 Selecting Data from Tables
  • Chapter 4 Table Management
  • Chapter 5 Working with Strings
  • Chapter 6 Working with Dates and Times
  • Chapter 7 Sorting Query Results
  • Chapter 8 Generating Summaries
  • Chapter 9 Using Stored Routines, Triggers, and Scheduled Events
  • Chapter 10 Working with Metadata
  • Chapter 11 Importing and Exporting Data
  • Chapter 12 Validating and Reformatting Data
  • Chapter 13 Generating and Using Sequences
  • Chapter 14 Using Joins and Subqueries
  • Chapter 15 Statistical Techniques
  • Chapter 16 Handling Duplicates
  • Chapter 17 Performing Transactions
  • Chapter 18 Introduction to MySQL on the Web
  • Chapter 19 Generating Web Content from Query Results
  • Chapter 20 Processing Web Input with MySQL
  • Chapter 21 Using MySQL-Based Web Session Management
  • Chapter 22 Server Administration
  • Chapter 23 Security

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Edition Format Download Size
3rd Edition PDF 4.04 MB
2nd Edition CHM 1.41 MB
EPUB 3.03 MB


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