MySQL-Front – Handy MySQL database front-end manager

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MySQL-Front is a handy and reliable MySQL database server front-end management application. Formerly as a excellent shareware, finally its author make it open source and upload to GitHub.

With MySQL-Front, we can manage and operate the remote or local MySQL databases with ease. For example, carry out the create, modify, insert, delete and Import/Export to database, data table and data record.

BTW, at present, MySQL-Front is my favorite one, I like it better even than Database Browser.

// Key Features //

  • Multiple databases connection support
  • Display database processes, status and users
  • Support SQL script commands
  • Provide external program interface
  • SQL Syntax highlighting
  • Drag & Drop support
  • Associated with .sql (SQL Script) file automatically, and allows to open it to view/edit/run directly

// Download URLs //

Official1 Fast Link Page (Homepage)

SoftPedia Fast Link Page