MySQL Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition HD PDF download

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There are a lot of books on the MySQL database learning, but the related reference-qualitative ones are rare. And if you are or were finding a worth reading book on this subject, O’Reilly Media‘s Pocket Reference series has been always the first choice for all newbie or advanced programmers.

MySQL Pocket Reference, 2nd Edition covers all the must-know knowledge points of MySQL language, along with many simple but practical examples in just 134 pages. Including basic MySQL configuration; MySQL data types; SQL syntax, commands, data types, operators, and functions; Arithmetic, comparison and logical operators; Aggregate and general functions; Stored procedures and triggers…

// Table Of Contents //

  • Introduction
  • MySQL 5
  • Setup
  • Command-Line Tools
  • Data Types
  • SQL
  • Operators
  • Functions
  • Storage Engines
  • Stored Procedures and Functions
  • Triggers

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