Namexif – Batch renaming digital photos based on EXIF info

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The most painful thing when traveling and photographing is crosswise taking a lot of pictures using multiple photographic equipments, so it’s hard to establish an order when tidying together, but now with Namexif you can solve that problem.

Namexif is an automatic (according to the shooting date, included in the EXIF info of photos) batch digital camera images renaming application, free and small. It can easily rename your digital photos to be the format “Year-Month-Day + Time” or similar.

Just as the name of Namexif, if a picture or photo does not contain and EXIF information, Namexif will ignore it, and not rename it. Besides, for pictures with the same EXIF information, Namexif will by adding a dash (-) at the end of the file name to make a distinction between them.

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