Nebula – Popular CPS1/2, Neo-Geo, IGS, PGM and KONAMI emulator

Nebula is one of the most outstanding arcade game console emulators, written by EISemi from Spain, who composed the myth of arcade system board emulators. It supports CPS-1, CPS-2, Neo Geo, IGS/PGM, KONAMI arcade game systems. Personally, I think Nebula is one of the best arcade emulators.

In addition to featuring high quality graphics, video display plug-ins, fast emulating speed and timely support to new games, Nebula is the first emulator that supports IGS game series such as “Knights of Valour”. For now, if you want to play the classic works published by IGS, I’m sure that most emulator gamers will recommend Nebula to you.

BTW, EISemi cooperated with the Chinese reverse engineering master on video game consoles HappyASR to crack the hardware encryption protecting system of Knights of Valour 2 proud by IGS company, thus went ahead of MAME‘s development progress to become the world’s first emulator that supports this game. In fact, we can even consider Nebula as a PGM special-purpose emulator, which can perfectly support Knights of Valour, The Killing Blade, Real and Fake / Photo Y2K, Martial Masters, Orlegend, and many other classic Asian games series published on PGM!

// Prompts //

  • For “stop working” error, try to run Nebula in compatibility mode and/or in 640 x 480 screen resolution.
  • Run ‘nebulanet.exe’ to start multi-player netplay (through Kaillera Client, the same with WinKawaks).
  • If you’re going to play NeoGeo/IGS games, the BIOS files for NeoGeo and IGS ( and are always required. Direct copy them into ‘roms’ folder, don’t unzip.

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Version Download Size
v2.25b Final  (mir) 2.32 MB

(Homepage | Emu-France

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