[NEO GEO] Sengoku 1,2,3 collection ROM download

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In the ordinary Beat ‘Em Up game, the hero is nothing but to fight against all kinds of evil forces gang and gangsters on the dirty streets in a fallen city.

But this work of SNK, it happened in a post-apocalyptic style world, the enemies are warlord warriors come from Japan during the warring states period. This is the Sengoku out there, one of those classic arcade games.

Here, AppNee has collected a full range of Sengoku 1,2,3 roms for you, but I found a strange thing after the repeated test: that’s you’d better play Sengoku 1/2/3 using the NeoRageX emulator, and for Sengoku 3, NeoRageX is you only choice.

In order to test and find the best emulator for Sengoku 3, I have try all the Arcade emulators (FBA, MAME, MAMEUI, MAME PLUS, Nebula, Kawaks, WinKawaks…) that support NEO GEO rom, but none works, until NeoRageX. This costs me a whole afternoon, so, enjoy it and cherish it!

In addition, you’ll find that the Sengoku 3 ROM file gotten from AppNee is only 19.5 MB, which is the smallest you can find on the whole Internet.

BTW, in NeoRageX’s “Video Options”, you will get better picture quality when the “INTERPOLATION” is changed to “YES”.

// Screenshots //

Sengoku / Sengoku Denshō (戦国伝承):

Sengoku 2 / Sengoku Denshō 2 (戦国伝承 2):

Sengoku 3 / Sengoku Denshō 2001 (戦国伝承 2001):

// Download URLs //

Game Download Size
Sengoku 1 3.33 MB
Sengoku 2 6.27 MB
Sengoku 3 19.5 MB

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