NETGEAR genie – Completely control and manage your home network with ease

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NETGEAR genie is a free cross-platform router managing, monitoring and repairing software. It enables you to easily make a remote access to your home router via PC or smartphone, so as to view and manage all devices connecting to your home network. And, it can automatically repair some common network problems.

In NETGEAR genie, all information is displayed using a graphical way, including the network traffic statistics. This not only greatly reduces the difficulty of router configuration, also makes the tool itself more intuitive and easy-to-use. More than this, it also supports lots of practical features, such as: parental control, guest network, wireless channel, speed testing, remote control to the multimedia in your home network, and so on.

Notes: NETGEAR genie is specially designed for NETGEAR routers. So, if you want to use all its functions, you have to buy a NETGEAR router. Nevertheless, for any kinds of network routers, the following functions of NETGEAR genie is very useful at least:

  • WiFi Analytics
  • Network Map
  • Internet Connection Speed Test

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