Network Security Toolkit – Network security applications all-in-one Live CD

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For guy who wants to be a master of network (WAN/LAN, no matter it’s black, red or white), without help of various off-the-shelf classical network utilities for multipurpose uses, I’m afraid your level will stay in the DOS era of last century forever. I mean, in that case, even it was you invented the whole Internet, you could not do anything interesting or exciting.

Network Security Toolkit (NST for short) is an extremely powerful and comprehensive all-in-one open source network security specified applications Live DVD based on Fedora core (including all security tools listed in the famous SecTools’s Top 125 Network Security Tools). And all these built-in network security tools are rated to be the Best Group, with which security professional and system/network administrator can carry out system/network administration and automation, network monitoring, network security analysis & validation, intrusion detection, network packet generation, wireless network monitoring, sophisticated network/host scanning, network analysis & configuration, etc. They almost cover all aspects of network application.

Because Network Security Toolkit is released as a bootable ISO image (Live DVD), that means you should use it by burning it onto a DVD, or boot up it from your USB flash drive by using USB creators (Universal USB Installer or others) to make or just load the ISO file from your virtual machines (VMware Workstation, Parallel Desktop, VirtualBox).

The NST toolkit itself hasn’t too much to introduce, its so many built-in tools need you to constantly understand in depth and sum up experience in actual and repeated practice. BTW, if you’re finding a similar AIO toolbox for Windows, use Net Tools 5 instead, it has 175+ network-specific utilities for Windows platform.

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