[v15] Nuance Dragon – Best-selling speech recognizer with amazing accuracy

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Dragon NaturallySpeaking‘s first version was released in early 1982 – predecessor of IBM‘s speech recognition software. After acquired by Nuance got overall development. Until today, it’s released the version 13, we can foresee its authority and technology development level, which is already well known as leader in the industry.

The speech recognition engine adopted by Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking has the amazing accuracy up to 99% (never had a spelling error) and 3 times faster than typing (that means when you talk to your computer, your words can almost simultaneously appear on various editing software or all the applications based on Windows in the form of text, such as Microsoft Office, Corel WordPerfect, Microsoft Internet Explorer…). Even better, you can create a voice command to make your computer complete various operations, which can save a lot of time, especially suitable for the people who is not convenient for typing.

BTW, if such software was integrated into the control chip of household appliances someday, I think the scene would be very common in our future life for seeing that robot can understand person’s words everywhere.

// Main Applications //

Increase your productivity simply by talking, at work, school, on the go, or in the office:

  • Go hands free and headset free
  • Create reports, presentations, spreadsheets and more
  • Search and surf the web
  • Control your email and calendar
  • Keep up with your social networks and IM chat messages
  • Dictate 3x faster than you can type and in more places

// Official Demo Video //

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AppNee provides the Nuance’s Dragon NaturallySpeaking Premium Edition and Dragon Professional Individual Edition full installers (in torrent or magnet format) along with universal unlock patches for Nuance products on Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

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