Open Doors – Through the series of logic-controlled gates

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Open Doors is a Sokoban style (both interface and operation) series of small puzzle games, yet it’s a quite another gaming style and concept. Endless changes are derived from its simple design, on the whole it tests the players’ logical thinking ability – the chain reaction caused by the every move needs to be considered clearly.

In addition to minimalist design philosophy, Open Doors also comes with both creation and challenge at the same time. Striking blueprint-style background graphics along with a wide variety of styles BGM make sure you have always been able to keep a good mood and clarity of thought in the whole process of gaming. So, for both entertainment and challenging our logic judgment abilities, Open Doors is a quite good choice.

// Game Controls //

  • Arrow Keys – Move
  • R – Restart
  • Q – Changes Quality
  • S – Toggles Sound
  • M – Back to main menu
  • U – Undo

// Download URLs //

Version Levels Download Size
Open Doors 1 25 5.08 MB
Open Doors 2 35 9.62 MB

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