Pac-Xon – Pacman and Xonix in one

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Pacman and Xonix are two classic arcade video games, when combined together they became another nostalgic small game with innovative idea – Pac-Xon (Pacxon), which has Pacman’s characters and Xonix’s gameplay.

In Pac-Xon, our protagonist Pacman’s mission is not to eat beans any more, but a land grab – your goal is to occupy 80% of the territory to enter the next level. And the enemy you have to face is still the ghosts divided into four kinds. The enemy numbers will be more and more with the deepening of levels, meanwhile, the later levels will be much more difficult too.

Below you can download the portable offline versions of Pac-Xon 1, 2, Deluxe and Deluxe All levels unlocked editions.

// Key Features //

  • 50 levels (in each game)
  • Innovative gameplay with classic characters
  • Family friendly arcade game
  • Unique twist to the arcade genre games
  • Multiple power-up props
  • Save / Load game progress option
  • Classic arcade sound and music

// Download URLs //

Version Download Size
Pacxon 1 5.30 MB
Pacxon 2 5.52 MB
Pacxon Deluxe 9.08 MB
Pacxon Deluxe Level Unlocked 9.09 MB